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The Environment Learning

4 grader "The Story on Forest " class practice which utilized Internet teaching materials.
―"Period for Integrated Study" ( The theme :Environment )―

Nakaaoto Elementary School  Makio Kawashima

We were one of four and were complete with cooperation.

1. 学習設定の理由 
 本校の前に、青戸平和公園の緑が広がっている。秋になると鬱蒼と茸が生えだして、神秘的な森の雰囲気を醸し出している。 児童は公園の林をスケッチするが、基本的に環境学習とは、学校の特色的あるいは地域性のある学習・児童生徒の関心に基づくような学習ではないであろう。人類として、共通的に今の地球環境や森林の状況などを捉え、その問題の解決や探求活動に主体的、創造的に取り組む態度を育成するものである。

○コンピュータ室での制作 ○図工室でのまとめ

1.The reason for the learning setting
 The education is the work which plants a tree for the generation of the future while nourishing a generation of now. The green of Aoto Peace Park is spreading in front of our school. The depression mushroom begins to grow when the autumn comes and is making the atmosphere of the mystic forest. The child did a sketch in the woods at the park.
However, basically, the environment learning is not the learning of a school the characteristic one and it has an area and to learn as based on the interest of the child student. It is the one which brings up the manner which wrestles with the solution of the problem and the search activity, being creative independent-ly, taking the earth environment in now and the situation of the forest and so on common-ly as the human race.
On the other hand, also, it is difficult for the solution of the condition of the worldwide damage and the best to rescue it to be found out - the environment learning is " the learning which doesn't have an answer ".
Therefore, we aim at for us to tell a critical situation in the range to understand as fate collective which makes the child student future earth, to make have " Environment Mind " and deepening feeling about future way of growing. In the art education, beyond the experience which makes a work, I am impressed with the beauty as the appreciation learning from before and I aim at the human being who can act based on it.
In other words, " Environment Mind " is of The Earth to Design. When this is the activity which becomes the core of future art education which tries to design ( the adjustment ) convenience and materialistic life, I am thinking.

4年「森の神」Express " the god on the forest " with clay and the watercolour.
2. 目 標

2. The goal of the learning
◆ Personally learning, I judge independently and my nourishing the manner to search for better ( Problem solving power )
◆ I have an interest about the forest problem and I cultivate the abilities which work on the environment aggressively. ( Environment learning )
◆ I meet with the way of gathering information, the way of examining, the way of gathering and the way of announcement's there being and so on. ( Way of learning )
◆ I am able to advance and for me to express while I think of the thought and the beauty of me and to act. ( Art Education )


第1次 森の神を表そう 6時間
制作:スタジオジブリ 監督:宮崎 駿
A森のスケッチ 青戸平和公園
○公園のスケッチ (青戸平和公園) Sketch trees

" The God on the Forest " with clay and the watercolour.

C鑑賞する。Aappreciate works.

3. The Active Plan ( I train severely for 16 hours ).
The 1st -6 hours of " Show a god on the forest "
@ See a video on the forest " The Momomoke princess ".
A Do a sketch on the forest. ( Aoto Peace Park )
B Express " the god on the forest " with clay and the watercolour.
C Aappreciate works.

第2次 森の学習をしよう 6時間 The 2nd Learn the forest -6 hours  
Q.1  日本の森林はどのくらいの酸素を生み出しているのですか?
Q.2  森林は、洪水を防ぐって本当ですか?
Q.3  森林は土砂の流出をどのくらい防ぐのですか?
Q.4  世界の森林面積はどのくらいですか?
Q.5  日本の森林面積はどのくらいですか?
Q.6  日本の天然林と人工林の割合はどのくらいですか?
Q.7  林業を支える人達が減っているって本当ですか?
Q.8  私たちでも参加できる森を守る事業がありますか?
Q.9  森林生態系保護地域ってなんですか?
Q.10 木で建てた家が地球に優しいって本当ですか?
Q.11 熱帯雨林の消失について教えてください。
The question about the forest on the Internet (Q11)
Q.1 How much oxygen does the forest in Japan produce?
Q.2 Is to say that the forest prevents a flood true?
Q.3 How much does the forest prevent the outflow of the earth and sand?
Q.4 How much is the forest area of the world?
Q.5 How much is the forest area of Japan?
Q.6 How much is the rate of the crude woods and the artificial woods in Japan? Q.7 Is that the persons who support forestry are decreasing true?
Q.8 Is there business which defends the forest which we can participate in?
Q.9 What is the forest ecosystem protection area?
Q.10 Is the house which was built with the tree gentle with the earth truly? Q.11 Teach about the disappearance of the tropical rain woods.

A班でテーマ、分担を話し合う ○本時学習指導案2/4
@ Gather a data by me and Eexamine it.
A Discuss a theme, share in the squad. ○ Learning guide plan 2/4 in this case
B Compose at the big drawing paper in the squad.
C Announce in the class and display to the corridor.
○班での発表 ○Announcement in squad

第3次 森の本をつくろう− 4時間


When clicking, it is possible to hear the voice of the page 1 of picture book "The role of Forest !".4th grade rtudens


The 3rd -We will make the book about forest. - 4 hours
@ Decide a theme respectively and make a picture book.
A Gain a sound and make " the picture book that the voice comes out ".
B Read each other, and hear each other and appreciate.

4. 本時の活動
1) ねらい 集めた情報を活用し、協力して班のテーマや分担を決めてパネルづくりをする。
2) 展 開
学習活動 教師の働きかけ

B協力して知らせるものをつくる 。











5. 考 察

6. 各版のテーマ
The theme of each squad
きれいな森 The beautiful forest
森の生物 The creature on the forest
森の草花 The bloom on the forest
森をたずねて Asking a forest
森林の謎 The mystery on the forest
森林のしくみ The devising of a forest
森は生きている The forest lives.
森の秘密 The secret on the forest
自然を大切に We make nature important.
消えていく森林 The disappearing forest
森林と緑 The forest and the green
森を守ろう Let's defend a forest.
自然!! Nature !!
森林と昆虫 The forest and the insect
自然の森 The natural forest

森の大切さ The importance of the forest
大切な森 The important forest
森をたずねて Asking a forest
森のふしぎ The wonder of the forest
日本の森林 The forest in Japan
森のひがい The damage on the forest
森へようこそ Please to the forest

●私たちは森に関するクイズを出しました。We asked some quizzes about the forest.

7. 児童の図工室で使用した参考図書
書名 出版社
アトラス地球百科A環境問題 リブリオ出版
図説・私たちと環境F森林と緑 旺文社
自然科学シリーズ 22森林と人間 小峰書店
ちきゅのえほん森林 リブリオ出版
わたくしたちの地球を守ろうA熱帯雨林を救おう 偕成社
クローズアップ図鑑H森の生きもの 岩波書店
小さな地球のためのエコロジーブック ブロンズ新社
環境をまもる@森林 小峰書店


We made picture books on the forest.


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Written by Makio Kawashima
Last updated on 8/8/99