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Youth Guest House ATOMA A wonderful view Japanese style dinner
A free bus is Operation
ATOMA from skiing area
ATOMA(to skiing area)
Skiing area(to ATOMA)


living room

Japanese tea,
coffee,and tea
no charge

wheelchairs user

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E-mail--------------- @

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ATOMA is a new type of Youth Hostel. We have the combination of comfartable hotel and friendly Youth Hostel.
All but the lobby are no smoking.
We use miso(soybean paste), rice and the water in fukushima.
We have a room,a lavatory and all flat floor for a wheel chair, The guest are glad to stay here.

We aim at a casual resort. Freely you enjoy playng the outdoors and reading books leisurely.

Youth Guest House ATOMA go on making a gentle inn to people nature.

Japanese-style Westarn-style kamakura (snow house) Onsen (hot spa),
15min. by car

Mame of property ----- Youth Guest House ATOMA

Address-------------- 15-2 Aza funaishi, Sakuramoto, Fukushima-shi, Fukushima-ken
tel------------------ 024-591-2523

E-mail--------------- @

Access-------------- JR@Tokyo st.@@Tohoku@Shinkansen@90min@@JR@Fukushima station
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@JR@Sendai st. @Tohoku@Shinkansen@20min @JR@Fukushima station
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Please take the bus for Kamiubado from the
Fukushima st. @west entrance bus stop of No. 1.
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Please get down by Kamiubado after 20 min. ‚`toma is 300m from a bus stop.


@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Fukushima airport
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Please use two routes.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@few:Fukushima airport--bus--Fukushima stations
Fukushima airport--bus--Koriyama stations--JRorbus--Fukushima stations,   

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Car @@
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@It is 15 minutes from the Tohoku Expressway Fukushima west IC.
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@or It is 25 minutes from Fukushima Iizaka IC.



 Room facilities
- There is no lavatory and bathroom.
- Please use the shared lavatory and bathroom.
- The time to use for the shared bathroom is 17:00-7:30
- You can charter shared bath. /Please ask the staff on the day.

- Towels and large towels are free to use
- Toothbrush and razor are 50 JPY for each
- The bathroom has shampoo and conditioner. There is also a hairdryer in the dressing room

- This is self-service.
- Bedmaking is also self-swrvice.

However, Please let us know when you are ill or not physically. we can help you

- The check-in time is from 15:00 and until 22:00
- If you get later than 22:00, please let us know

-Our hostels are in the rural area.
-It's on the hill and the sunrise and the night view romantic.
- There are no convenience store or restaurant around the hostel.
-Please purchase what you need beforehand.

By public bus (Fukushima Kotsu) from Fukushima station to youth guesthouse ATOMA.

@No.1 bus terminal at JR Fukushima Station West Exit.
@Kamiubado or Takayuonsen line.
@Bus timetable@by2020
@ 1338@ 1523 @1618 @1753@ 1808@ 1956 @2111
@sat&sun@1218 @1343 @1618 @1753 @1818

 Ride time is about 20 minutes and get off at Kamiubado.
Arrived at Youth Guesthouse ATOMA about 400m from Kamiubado (8 minutes on foot). Bridges are being constructed on the road, but pedestrian traffic is not restricted.




Room & Breakfast rates +(10% consumption tax)

Dormitoryim/fj @type without bath

Japanese-style Western-style
1 prs. Male @@\3.300 Female@@ \3,300 \4,500

2 prs.



3 prs.



4 prs.



5 prs.



It increases from the room charge for \300. If you are not a member in the youth hostel.

Breakfast @
@\800 @@@@

Check in 3 p.m.----- check out 10 a.m.


A free shuttle bus
During the skiing season, every day. (When there is a skier)
”ATOMA900||940 Minowa skiing area
”Minouwa skiing areas 1630||ATOMA1710

ski planF@
ski & skiwear rental€ lift ticket@@1day^ included.
We can lend the skiwear to a visitor to 185cm tall.