Introducing Hai!

Hai is my little brother born on June 1. He is very pretty and handsome like his father O.J.Boy. He was born as one of 9 babies. His new humans were looking for a beardie boy pup and emailed me about half a year ago. And so I introduced them to O.J.Boy's breeder. They wanted a black boy. They waited and waited and finally on August 6 they brought him home. I'm sure they are going to be good parents for Hai and glad that I could help them. (Daisy)



       (left) With a brother.            (right) With Jiji, the cat, in the new house

Flat Hai

Special Guest: Hai's Great Uncle

All Photos(C)Yuko Nozaki

When he was younger

Hai's sister, Umi

Hai's brother, Candle

.Our Father, O.J.Boy

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