---------Akihiro Morimoto (Mr.)-----------

     A Brief Summary of Previous Exhibitions

1989-92,94 Participated in The Sculpture Department of Kokuga-kai Exhibition,Tokyo
1993 Participated in Lake Naguri International Open air Art Exhibition, Saitama
1994 Participated in The 5th Lake Sinobazu Object Festival,Tokyo
1998 Held Two-Men Show in Saitama Modern Art Museum
2007-10,12,13,16,18Contemporary Art Festival Nebula Exhibitionin Saitama Modern Art Museum,Japan
2009-12 December Open air Art Festival Exhibition, Japan(in National forest park)
2013, 15,17 Sculpture Exhibition: Exhibition by eight sculptures Japan (Ginza
Art Hall,Tokyo)  Many others join

【One-Man Show】
2002 Held a One-Man Show Wood Sculpture Exhibition,(Saitama City)
2004 December Held a One-Man Show WoodSculpture Exhibition (Gallery1619, Tokyo)
2011 Held a One-Man Show Wood Sculpture Exhibition,Gallery Ken:Saitama City
2015 Held a One-Man Show Wood Sculpture Exhibition, (Gallery Hinoki f:Tokyo)
2017 Held a One-Man Show Wood Sculpture Exhibition, (Gallery Hinoki e:Tokyo)

【International Sculpture Symposium】
2003 June The 11th Hojer International Sculpture Symposium, Denmark
2004 June The 1th"Art in the forest"International Sculpture 
2005 June The 13th Hojer International Sculpture Symposium, Denmark
2006 April The2th International Wood Sculpture Symposium, Argentina(Unquillo)
2006 September The 2th International Sculpture Symposium,Spain(Nueva Carteya)
2007 Akita International Sculpture Symposium,Japan(Akita)
2008 June The 5th"Art in the forest"International Sculpture
2009 August The International Sculpture Symposium,Germany(Bad Langensalza)
2011 August The International Sculpture Symposium, Germany(Hauptstraβe)
2011 August The 3th International Sculpture Symposium, Germany(Bad
2017July The16th International Sculpture Symposium、Itary(Tesino)

 The above are all in wood

    Saitama Gakuen University