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My name is Nob Imai.

I have been a business management consultant
since 1977.

The name of my company is "GLOMACON" who was established by Nob Imai in 1977 and incorporated in 1987.

GLOMACON stands for GLObal MAnagement CONsultant who help not only Japanese firms but also Oversea companies like you. We help and advice those who wish to do business in Japan successfully. Our consultants are specialists of marketing, law, technology transfer, accounting and so on.

We have lots of experiences to cooperate not only big companies but also small/mid sized ones as follows:
(Sorry but in Japanese)
Electronics Industries
# Fujitsu and their group companies
# NEC subsidiary company
# Mitsumi Electronics
# Fuji Xerox
# many other companies
Printing Industries
# Miura Printing Co., Ltd.
# Tokyo Graphic Arts Inc.
# many other companies
Fashion and Cosmetic
# Kanebo
# Sampuku
# many other companies
# Tokki
# Shukosha
# many other companies
We have been engaged in many other indsutries.
Oversea Companies
# Polychrome
# Krause
# Imperial Equipment
# Matsugyo
# many other companies
Who is Nob Imai
Nob Imai is a president of Glomacon Corp. He studied marketing and business management not only in Japan but also in the United States of America.

Before he started his business as Business Management Consultant, he worked for a trading company for 10 years approximately. He engaged in export business of Office Machinery and Equipment including computer peripheral equipment by 1970.

He stayed in the United States of America by 1975 as Officer of the New York corporation of the trading company. He managed his office as well as sales with his sales manager and traveled all over the States.

After he returned to the Head Office in Tokyo, he was engaged in market development for their new products.

He quit the trading company in 1977 and became a business management consultant. His company was specialized in assisting export business of their clients at first. Shortly after the exchange rates were not favorable for Japanese manufacturers, he started helping oversea manufacturers who wanted to export or do business in Japan as well as helping Japanese companies to establish companies abroad.

He traveled a lot abroad as well as locally in order to set up distribution channels and to train sales persons.

He has also engaged in helping and advising mainly manufacturers: corporate strategies, marketing and sales, Electronic Data Processing System, etc.
He wrote lots of books in his specialty, Nikkei BP, Softbank Publishing, Chukei Shuppan, Keirin Shobo, AI Shuppan, etc.
Books authored by Nob Imai (Japanese only)

He is now called "Consultant for consultants", because he helps inexperienced consutlants and students who wish to be a business consultant. He opens seminars, runs Mailing Lists and publishes Mail Magazines for them to assist.
Consultant for Consultants (Japanese only)


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