Fairground Attractionの解散に関するEddiのコメント(Eddiのオフィシャル・サイトのGuestbookでのエントリ)

※'05年12月にGuestbookでファンからのFairground Attractionの解散の理由についての質問に対してEddiが書いたコメントです。

Fairground Attraction:
I want to know why Fairground Attraction broke up? Can someone enlighten me please. Being here in Oz you dont get all the news.

Eddi answers:
you know when you're in a relationship and no matter how much love and concern and generosity you pour into it...you always feel like what you're doing is the wrong thing to the other person... -sorta like when you go through customs and you're sure the alarm will sound even when you DONT have a bomb-
Even if you insist you are happy with how things are, you get told you want something else??
THAT was my experience... I ADORED my band... I resent the assumption that I left, or the declaration that I wanted something different...I dont care where a song comes from...if I never write it doesn't worry me....I fall in love with songs, simple and strong... I was there til the end singing and loving it...I was devistated when it ended far too soon, but, there is NOTHING you can do if someone you're with assumes you have another agenda.. I wish Mark the very, very best, he decided he didn't feel right working with me, told me it was over and left.. and why ?? The absolute truth, of my experiance, is , I will never really know.......
Of course, I do realise that I probably get lost in song to the exclusion of all other company, but I have never known why or how that is.. seems primal and good for singing.... maybe there's an assumption I have more guile than i have the intellegence to have...
That fella is, though, and will remain, IMO, an astoundingly creative and exciting song craftsman and arranger. I'm so glad I met him along the way... he gave me glorious and profound joys to play with.


thanks for letting me articulate that FINALLY!!!!