North-American Railroad signaling system for modelrailroad

chapter 1: Introduction (The conecpt of Union Pacific RR's signal rule) ------ UPRR-Table was a little modified in 2012July.

My N-scale layout with North-American signaling system. The UPRR version is implimented at present 2012/Aug.

chapter 2: How to assemble type-A, -B and -C signal boards. ----- 2010/May/19th.

chapter 3: How to assemble the most-simple signal board. ----- 2010/May/28th.

chapter 4: How to connect signal boards. ----- 2010/May/19th.

chapter 5: Trouble Shootings.-----

chapter 6: Software downloads for this signaling system. New version was updated, 2012/July. New !!!


chapter 7: CROR (Canadian Railroad Operation Rule) signaling system (simplified for modelrailroad). ---- 2012July, CROR-Table was a little modified. New !!!

chapter 8: Software downloads for CROR (Canadian Railroad Operation Rule) signaling system. ---- 2012/July. New version was updated. New !!!

----- The following chapters are under construction.

chapter 9: BNSF, NS and CSXT signal rule tables and download softwares ---- 2012/July. New !!!

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Appendix  :   How to assemble the homemade DCC stationary decoder installed in type-A, -BR and –BL board.

Sorry these pages are almost written in Japanese (partially in English). But, the downloadable asm source-codes and circuit diagrams will be available. 

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